Development areas

Our areas ofdevelopment

4MEDIKS works on several lines of development in parallel, joining forces with different national and international institutions, companies and organizations.


Our division develops active ingredients of botanical origin capable of intervening in different processes in the agri-food sector.

We develop pesticides aimed at the eradication of various aggressive pathogens with a wide range of plant species from around the world such as Xylella fastidiosa.

We are also focused on the development of non-toxic industrial disinfection products for vegetables and fruits that guarantee the absence of pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria and E-coli among others.


In the area of hospital disinfection we have developed a non-toxic compound that has proven effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

The fact that it is a non-toxic product makes this substance the perfect ally for disinfection in hospitals. But this is not the most notable aspect.

Our R&D&i department has managed to develop a biocide substance capable of being effective for ten days on clean surfaces after application.

Recent studies carried out in a major hospital in the Spanish state have demonstrated the effectiveness of this biocide against bacteria that are especially resistant in the hospital setting, such as Clostridium Difficile.


The discovery of a non-toxic substance that eradicated the viruses that cause sexually transmitted infections has led us to dedicate part of our time and resources to the development of the pharmaceutical area.

Part of our scientific team is dedicated to the development of health products to reduce the transmission of this type of diseases and starting a phase 1 process for the development of a drug against HPV.


We investigate innovative non-toxic solutions for the disinfection of water for human and animal use with the aim of eliminating microorganisms contained in the water that have not been completely eliminated in the previous phases of water treatment.


In this area we develop non-toxic biocides that are used for the disinfection of materials and surfaces related to the housing or transportation of animals.

These types of products are essential to prevent the spread of diseases during transport or in accommodation centers.


We develop active ingredients of botanical origin for the cosmetic industry capable of transferring unique functions to the final products without altering the original formulation.

Dermatologically tested, they are active ingredients capable of eradicating fungi and bacteria such as Pityrosporum ovale (related to Seborrae problems) and Propionibacterium acnes, which causes acne on the skin.

In addition, we have developed the first completely stable Antioxidant and Preservative of 100% botanical origin, especially aimed at the entire natural cosmetics sector.